[ 1884 September, 2 ]Letters
[Alexandria] 2 September 1884 Tuesday

My dear Constantine,
     Many thanks for yours 23rd ultimo to hand only yesterday. Lord Northbrook as you say, is coming out, and with him Lord Wolseley, both together in H.M.S. Iris expected here on Saturday next: ¯ Wolseley directs the coming campaign in the Soudan, and Northbrook ’tis supposed, will study and report on the financial impasse of Egypt, much good may do! But it strikes me we have had sufficient reports drawn up on Egyptian affairs, to be quit of such further time-gaining nonsensicalities, which are merely got up to allow greater scope to the “Chapter of Accidents” ¯ What we want is the immediate payment of the Indemnities: “Oh!” say the English “these foreigners can wait”, in their selfish, exclusive stupidity.
     I seldom see your friend Michael; I think he frequents the Billiard room of the “Paradiso”, more than the Exchange.
     Herein I send you a few stamps; I have not had sufficient time to gather more but I shall make up for the deficiency next week: meanwhile believe me
          Yours affectionately
          Johannisberg, who
thanks you sincerely for your good wishes recorded on the face of your envelope. ¯
C.F. Cavafy Esquire

From John C. Cavafy
To Constantine Cavafy

Transcribed and edited by Katerina Ghika