[ 1883 November, 15 ]Letters

[Via] Russian steamer

[Alexandria] 15 November 1883

My dear Constantine,
     I am in receipt of your letter 5th instant. As you will readily imagine, we were much annoyed to see the delay in the payment of the £ 100. The fact is, the Credit Lyonnais telegraphed viâ the Egyptian line, and telegrams on these wires are generally two or three days going. The money ¯ however ¯ is doubtless now in your hands.
     Thanks for your praise of my lines “without a name”. Swinburne’s verses are new to me.
     The Gentleman’s for November I posted you last week. You are right in supposing that your subscription entitles you to the Annual: I shall forward it as soon as it is out.
     I note Alexander has put off his return, and trust he may succeed with Balthaggi ¯ At the same time I cannot but regret that I shall not see him as soon as expected. The Cholera still exists but the mortality keeps low.
     As forshadowed in my last letter, I have been staying for a few days with Moss at the “Beau Séjour” in Ramleh. The Hotel is picturesque and well-kept: I have enjoyed my stay immensely ¯ No further news from Field and Weightman.
     You will notice that this letter is written in a shaky hand; I have a bad cold, and every two seconds am obliged to pull and tug at my fertile nose till my arm is quite tired with the exertion ¯ Many kisses to mother, Alexander and Paul ¯
     Believe me ever Your affectionate John.

From John C. Cavafy
To Constantine Cavafy

Transcribed and edited by Katerina Ghika