[ 1883 November, 1 ]Letters

[Via] Russian steamer

[Alexandria] 1 November 1883

My dearest Constantine,
     I have your letter of the 22nd October before me, and thank you for your confidence which I assure you is fully reciprocated on my part.
     I much regret the continued delay with the remittance of the £ 100 but I sincerely trust that this is the last procrastinating letter you will receive on the subject, seeing that the telegram will be indubitably despatched tomorrow; all forms, regulations, and “red-tapeisms” have been now complied with, and Mr. Castravelli has appointed an hour tomorrow for the payment of the money. By next mail I shall also remit you the usual £ 10: because Peter ¯ altho’ penitent after the perusal of mother’s letter ¯ cannot send her anything this month, having to meet the expenses for clothes etc., he has already compromised himself for. I am keeping a strict account of the expenses on the raising of the £ 175 and shall send you a copy thereof, as soon as Aristides settles his indebtedness towards the Schilizzis. The balance left I shall lock up in my drawer in the safe at the office.
     Thanks very much for your matrimonial news: perhaps Callinus stands a chance of preferment now that Vanderbosche is out of the way.
     The Cholera, after rising to 12 deaths a day, has again subsided to 2 or 3 deaths daily. All this however serves to prove that Dr. Hunter’s theory is correct and that this unfortunate malady is an endemic of the country: but even so there is nothing much to apprehend, for people in India live just as comfortably as anywhere else, altho’ the cholera is a fixture of the place. We are all of us keeping well, and there is indeed no cause for anxiety.
     Local news I have none to give you. An Italian company has lately arrived and is giving performances at the “Politheama” ¯ performances which are very good, and of whose merits I have had ocular experience owing to the courtesy of Miani who has a box-subscription and who has invited me there twice already.
     Give my very best love to mother, Paul and Alexander, and believe, my dearest brother,
          Yours ever

From John C. Cavafy
To Constantine Cavafy

Transcribed and edited by Katerina Ghika