[ 1883 September, 11 ]Letters
[Alexandria] 11 September 1883

My dearest Constantine,
     Your letter 2nd instant came duly to hand, for which I thank you. I hope that ere this reaches you, you will have received the Magazines for August and September: the July number is en retard and I am looking it up at Penasson’s.
     I thought I had informed you of the knightship conferred on Mr. W.B. Forwood: this Gentleman is very well off and a very big swell. As you know his wife is our Mr. Moss’ sister, and our friend R.J.M. is very fond of calling her Lady Forwood.
     The Cholera, thank God, has disappeared: there were no cases here yesterday, and but few in other parts of Egypt. Several people have come back, such as the Nincis, Rallis, Costa, Borg, Albrecht etc. etc. I expect Miani within the next ten days: and right glad I shall be: for, I can assure you, there is no satisfaction in working for a stranger.
     I am pleased to see you like the “Ode to the West Wind”. “An Arabesque” is getting on pretty well, all things considered: but as to glory, print and literary preeminence, ¯ I am well satisfied to leave such ambitious dreams to providence and fate. ¯
     Miéville is gone to take up his new appointment in Brazil. Cooksoon is away on leave of absence and ’tis said may not return. The Consulate is now managed by Mr. Burrell, as Consul, and Mr. Russell as Vice-Consul. The malady has totally disappeared from Cairo, and thither has the Khedive returned. Another piece of news is the indictment and trial of 13 Arabs who were the chief perpetrators of the massacre of June ’82. They have been condemned and shall be hanged shortly.
     Sans autre, I send you greeting and the assurance of the unvarying affection
          Of your loving brother

From John C. Cavafy
To Constantine Cavafy

Transcribed and edited by Katerina Ghika