[ 1882 August, 7 ]Letters
[Alexandria] 7 August 1882

My dear Constantine,
     I have just time to scribble these few lines in accordance with my promise to you before leaving. From my letter to mother you will see that I am unable to execute your request given in your “Park and Grounds and royal residence and demesne in Cadikeuy.” I sincerely feel for your loss. You cannot imagine what a sad sight the old house was to me when I saw it for the first time! ¯
     But you must take courage and start afresh ¯ you have a good memory, and the restoring of old manuscript will be, comparatively speaking, an easy task to you. By next opportunity I will write you a lengthy letter; in the meanwhile pray send me a line when you have time.
     With love to all
          Your affectionate brother and fellow-sufferer
P.S. The papers I left in the office are safe ¯

From John C. Cavafy
To Constantine Cavafy

Transcribed and edited by Katerina Ghika