The Cavafy Archive consists of the totality of the manuscripts, publications, documents, photographs etc., which C.P. Cavafy collected and preserved in his lifetime and bequeathed to his heir, Aleko Singhopoulo in 1933. Over the years, Singhopoulo entrusted the publication of parts of the Archive to various editors with uneven results, until 1963, when he assigned the study and publication of the Cavafy Archive to G.P. Savidis.
            After the death of Singhopoulo, his second wife and heir, Kyveli Trehantzaki, sold the Cavafy Archive to Savidis in 1969. Savidis proceeded to catalog and photograph the Archive, and then gradually to publish its contents.
            After G.P. Savidisí death in 1995, ownership of the Cavafy Archive passed to his son, Manuel Savidis, who placed the Archive in the collections of the non-profit Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies in 1996, and curated it with the assistance of Professors Diana Haas (Patras), Renata Lavagnini (Palermo) and Michalis Pieris (Nicosia) until 2011.